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spa tiny tattoos

Tiny Tattoos are 2.5" or smaller and are simple, clean lines with meaning for the beholder.  Many are done in honor of a loved one, to commemorate a relationship or to affirm and remind one of their own strength and power.  Though the tattoo is tiny, the meaning is massive.  Instead of this service being done in a traditional tattoo parlour, they are performed in a spa like setting so we keep you relaxed, we pre numb (upon request) and play relaxing music with aromatherapy.  The whole experience is a new and better way to get a tattoo.  How about some self care at the same time? Below are some examples and ideas for you to use when considering ideas.  Do not feel that you have to choose one of these, but these are here for inspiration. If you would like a tiny tattoo, please book it then text, email or call to discuss design ideas ahead of your appointment time. Fb Messenger or IG messenger is a great way to do this, If you can't reach us, someone should reach out to you before your appointment.  We look forward to creating something special for you to cherish for a lifetime. 

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