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lash extensions

Book your lash appointment

Book a Classic Lash Extension appointment if you aren't sure what style to get. When you arrive, let your technician know you aren't positive what style you want and the two of you can discuss.  We offer Classic, Hybrid and Volume in C or D curl styles and a complete variety of lenghts so essentially you just need to decide how much drama, length and volume you want!  We'll walk you through it and help you determine and we can always upgrade your appointment should you decide to go a little (or a lot)"extra"! ;)


After we determine your lash dreams, you’ll lie back for a little lash nap. (Yes, they’re a thing!). Drape yourself in a cozy blanket, chat with your stylist or disappear into some music or a podcast. The choice is yours (bring earbuds if you like! Before you know it, you’ll wake up fresh-faced, refreshed and with newfound confidence, ready to present the best version of YOU to the world!


During your service, our professional stylists will use a medical-grade adhesive to attach our eyelash extensions to your natural lashes. Every guest, every time, we are committed to protecting the integrity of your natural lashes; we only make design decisions that preserve and strengthen the health of your natural lashes—no matter what.

At Louisville Beauty & Wellness, we prioritize safe, professional, quality service with results that last. We only use exceptional products and provide the best service, so you can lie back, relax, then face the world with confidence.


When you visit Louisville Beauty & Wellness, you’ll be trading in your morning makeup routine for things you actually enjoy, like sleep—or coffee!

Just two trips into LB&W per month for eyelash extension refills will keep your eyes bright and your mornings all yours all while you get some quiet self care time when you come in.  We believe in self love and pampering so you will LOVE coming in!


Louisville Beauty & Wellness is your go-to destination to completely transform your look and take back your day. When you head out the door for the day, you’ll do so with the confidence you’re putting your best face forward. Book now to schedule some “me time” at Louisville Beauty and Wellness and walk away with a beautiful set of eyelash extensions and feel invigorated and loved on by our professionals. Get booked, Get Lashed--you won't regret it!

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