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What is a Soul Tattoo?

Soul Tattoo sessions are one-of-a-kind, hand and machine poked healing, conscious tattoo experiences with each design and its medicine being divinely channeled as a mirror of deep reflection and activation for each individual client. Through the combination of alternative wellness philosophies and combined traditional and modern tattooing techniques, we create something that's personal and meaningful for each client.

At Louisville Beauty & Wellness we are well versed in topics like herbalism, healing crystals, mindfulness and healing. As such, the tattoo process is different from the standard tattoo parlor experience. You don't simply walk in, pick a design, and go under the needle. It's much more involved. After all, as I said before, each Soul Tattoo is personal and meaningful.

A Soul Tattoo session consists of a mindfulness shared energy and connection between the artist and the client in order to ground into the body and be present in the moment. We set our intentions on what is asking to be healed or worked through.  In doing so, we will discuss and design images the spirit is sending related to the client's growth, healing, purpose, or whatever needs to surface at this time for each client.


Soul tattoos can also be important bonding sessions between partners, soul mates, best friends, mother/child and siblings. These are important shared experiences where the energy is shared together as the duo leaves with pieces they will treasure their lifetime and beyond. Once the design is agreed upon, clients will receive the service through a calming aromatherapy and meditative experience.

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